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Il “proppone”: una specie assai politicizzata

C’è chi propone.

C’è chi si oppone (per abitudine, o per vocazione).

C’è chi si oppone, ma pure propone:

l’irrealizzabile, in modo che sulle sue proposte non ci sia discussione.

E’ il “proppone”: un animale burlone.

Assai diffuso all’opposizione

(anche interna…)

che fa rima con conservazione.


il “proppone” non è il critico, specie da proteggere e salvaguardare: è un ibrido, specificamente progettato per non fare, dandosi l’aria di darsi tanto da fare.

e naturalmente non è il riformista, animale raro, che propone, e criticamente analizza, ma cerca di fare (sul serio)

28 risposte a Il “proppone”: una specie assai politicizzata

  • Tja, schade. Irgendwann geht’s halt mal zu ende…. Das war definitiv der schlechteste Münsteraner Tatort – bis jetzt. Er gehört außerdem in die TOP-Ten der schlechtesten Tartorts, die es je gab.

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  • Absolutely beautiful pictures! And I remember how much fun we were all having with those umbrellas. The photographers captured some great moments. You look stunning Reese

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  • Thank you, Arthur, that means so much to me. My heart goes out to anyone battling the darkness. You’re 100% right – it’s a neverending fight. I’ve found such positive energy and inspiration in my writing to help me, and I’m so fortunate to have a wonderful husband who can pick me up on days when I just can’t. I feel like I’m at peace for the first time in years. I wish you luck in battling the darkness – stay strong. Take care, Lizzy

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  • AnonymousDecember 11, 2005 at 11:56 amWhere were you in 1999/2000? We lost 9 games and scraped a meagre 70 points. Its not the be all and end all. Yes shearer is a cunt and yes the ref is a cunt and yes we should be beating teams like newcastle, but at the end of the day, i’d rather be in our position than united’s and liverpool’s momentum will be disrupted by the world club championships so i can still see us finsihing second

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  • You’ll have to let me know what you think. It’s a great film to watch with The Sorrow and the Pity documentary as this both shows both sides of France in WW2, resistance and collaboration.

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  • I love that Sherrill, thank you! I especially like your comment about women wanting men to be hairy women, it’s so true. If I could offer one piece of advice on your journey it would be that you won’t need to worry about being too demanding. It sounds like you are going to show up with compassion all the time, it’s just in your nature. Your edge may be around putting your foot down and walking away, which is hard for everyone (I literally just got off the phone with my coach around the same issue). Push YOUR edge Sherrill.

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