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Foreign Languages

Réflexions sur le Califat

Imams in Western Europe

Curriculum vitae (english version)

Immigration, religious diversity and recognition of differences: the Italian way to multiculturalism

Mosques in Western Europe

Conflict is a necessary way of integration

Avrupa’da Müslüman Öznenin Üretimi: Fikirler, Bilinçler, Örnekler

After Oslo. Europe: the time has come to reflect

Life with citizen Islam

The War over Mosques

Producing Islamic Knowledge. Transmission and dissemination in Western Europe

L’islam en Europe devient-il européen?

Al-Islâm al-Itâlî. Rihla(t) fî waqâ’i’ al-diyâna al-thâniya

Ayodhya surprise

Catholic Church backs Muslim struggle to build Milan’s first mosque

En Europe, seules les mosquées suscitent des conflits

Obama and Islam – Arabic

Obama and Islam

Conflicts over Mosques in Europe. Policy issues and trends

Islam in Sicht. Nicht nur ein Kampf um Symbole

Western Europe and its Islam

Muslims in the enlarged Europe

How and Why “Immigrants” became “Muslims”

The Shifting Significance of the Halal/Haram Frontier: Narratives on the Hijab and Other Issues.

Conflicts, Cultures and Religions: Islam in Europe as a Sign and Symbol of Change in European Societies

How the Immigrant has become Muslim. Public Debates on Islam in Europe

Sociology of a Newcomer: Muslim Migration to Italy – Religious visibility, Cultural and Political Reactions

Immigrants keep Islam Italian Style

I musulmani in Italia: chi sono e come ci vedono – Arabic

Communication and Communities: Public Space, Global Media and Local Umma

Musulmans d’Occident: les convertis, nouveaux protagonists de l’islam européen

Inmigraciones y religiones en Europa. Identitades individuales y colectivas en trasformación

Islam, italian style

Muslims in the enlarged Europe

Le rôle des réseaux médiatiques dans la construction des communautés islamiques européennes

Konflikte um islamische Symbole in Europa

Islam in the public space: social networks, media and neo-communities

Sociology of a Newcomer: Muslim Migration to Italy – Religious Visibility, Cultural and Political Reactions

Converts and the Making of European Islam

Oublier Fallaci, renvoyer Sartori

L’anomalie italienne: trois droites et aucune gauche

Le postfasciste et le néopéroniste


Islam in Italy

Islam in Europa, Islam d’Europa, in “Studi Emigrazione/Migration Studies”

Muslims in Italy

Western Europe and its Islam

Les musulmans et la politique

Italy accuses Iran financing right wing and anti jews campaign

Nouveaux protagonistes de l’islam européen. Naissance d’une culture euro-islamique? Le rôle des convertis,

Les conversions à l’islam. Rédefinition des frontières identitaires, entre individu et communauté

The Islamic Presence in Italy: Social Rootedness and Legal Questions


Le retour de l’Islam. La présence musulmane en Italie

Les convertis à l’islam. Les nouveaux musulmans d’Europe

Les convertis à l’islam. Les nouveaux musulmans d’Europe

Muslim Minorities in Italy and their Image in Italian Media

A la recherche de l’ennemi perdu. Le peur de l’Islam en Occident,

The Muslim Community in Italy

Musulmans en Europe Occidentale

Muslim Organizations and Islam-State Relations: The Italian case nelle coppie miste

I musulmani nella società europea (recensione a) “Ouvrages publiés aux éditions de la Fondation Agnelli

Données sociales et contexte culturel de l’implantation musulmane

Italie: Le retour de l’islam. La présence musulmane entre histoire et actualité

Islam taking root in Italy

Média, minorités, information, européenne. Le cas italien par Stefano Allievi